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Wordpress Logo (grey, XL)Welcome to the Host Like Toast WordPress Resources Centre.

Here you’ll find information for all our WordPress products, such as Managed Business WordPress Hosting, WordPress articles and tutorials, and help and support with our WordPress plugins.

WordPress Resources, Guides and Tutorials

The following collection of WordPress resources will help you get the most of your WordPress websites.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting Service for Business

Our main WordPress Service on offer is Managed Business WordPress Hosting.

We will take complete responsibility for the everyday running, performance, and continued upgrading of your WordPress core website and plugins.

We will optimize your website for speed and performance, while guiding and training you on adding content and optimizing for Search Engine Optimization.

You can choose standard managed hosting, or for the performance sites, cloud-based web hosting.

More information can be found here.

Host Like Toast WordPress Plugins

pluginIn August 2011, we released our first WordPress plugin designed to help designers, developers, and anyone else add Twitter Bootstrap CSS to their WordPress sites.

For more information, please visit our WordPress plugins page.