Host Like Toast Refund Policy

In the interests of your complete consumer satisfaction and trust in our product, we provide a no-quibble, 7-day refund of any subscription made to the Host Like Toast web hosting service.

Any requests for a refund are honoured at the sole discretion of Host Like Toast.

We’re not here to trap you into subscriptions for products you don’t need or no longer want.

You have a whole week to use your subscription to Host Like Toast and if you’re not happy with the end product, you’re completely entitled to request a refund from us which you will receive in full minus any service charges imposed by our payment gateway, namely WorldPay.

Host Like Toast will not add any additional or discretionary fees to refund processing.

Please note that this refund policy is not applicable to any way to 3rd party products we otherwise endorse, promote, or sell on behalf of the respective party.

Please also note that in most cases refunds are processed by WorldPay and the associated payment processors within 5 days, but it may take up to 6~8 weeks in some cases.

This time period for refund processing is not within the control or duristiction of Host Like Toast – rather it is dependent on WorldPay, your payment institutions and any other related processors.

Refund Policy for Domain Names

This 7-day refund policy is not applicable to Domain Names. Once purchased, domain names are completely non-refundable.

The reason for this is simple, we cannot cancel a domain name registration with a domain registrar once the request and payment has been made.

If you purchase web hosting that has a “free domain” offer associated with it, any refund for services will made with a deduction of the normal cost of said domain name.

For example, if you buy our “All You Need” web hosting for 12 months at £36 (with a free .com domain name) and you request a refund you will receive £11 back to you.

£11 = £36 – £15 (the cost of the domain name).