WordPress Conversion Service

Here at Host Like Toast we believe the future, at least in the near-medium term, of website management is in quality website ‘Content Management Systems’.

We also feel there’s no need whatsoever to re-invent the wheel so we use the best tools available to website developers today. One of these, is WordPress.

WordPress is not a blog

It’s seems the minute you mention WordPress, eyes glaze over and the vacant expression of exasperation takes the place of an otherwise hopeful client.

“No, I don’t want a blog. I want a website.”, we often hear.

WordPress.com is a blogging giant. It uses the same software as that developed at WordPress.org, but they’re not the same.

This website you’re looking at is built on WordPress, as is every website we create.

If you’re tired of banging your head against the proverbial brick wall that is Drupal or Joomla, then WordPress is the breath of fresh air your website management needs.

We will move you to WordPress

For most websites, a migration to WordPress is a fairly straightforward process, for others, not so.

To provide a 1-price-for-all conversions to WordPress is impossible, but for many, we do it for free when you subscribe to a year of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Other more involved projects that require custom development are evaluated on a case-by-base basis.

If you are interested, please contact and let us know your intentions for your website. We are always open to questions, and like to help whether or not you decide to take us up on our services.

Make the switch to WordPress today!