Host Like Toast Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting: web hosting for Business and Professionals

If you’re new to Cloud Hosting, check out the What is Cloud Hosting guide.

When your website demands more than what a shared web hosting platform can offer, you need cloud hosting.

We don’t offer dedicated servers because they’re inflexible and rarely does a customer need such a configuration.

Shared hosting is perfect for the low-cost, low-traffic, simple web applications, but you can’t reliably run a business website from a shared web hosting server.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting services Tier 2 & 3 are built on Cloud Hosting because it offers the following key benefits to businesses:

  • Reliability: due to the inherent resiliency of cloud computing, cloud hosted websites don’t fail as soon as a piece of hardware fails – redundancy and fail-over are built into the cloud computing model
  • Scalability – when your website spikes, or grows, so does your cloud hosting service. Since your website isn’t stored on a single machine, your site is limited only by the limitations of the cloud.
  • Performance – much like scalability, performance is available as and when you need it; it isn’t limited to the performance of a single machine. When you need more computing, you add more nodes – more computing resources (CPU, disk, memory)