Host Like Toast Payment Gateway: WorldPay

Host Like Toast has partnered with WorldPay for all client and customer payments processing.

For millions around the world, WorldPay is the way to pay – trusted and secure

WorldPay payment solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses, big and small.

WorldPay only provides its customers with the ability to process online payments.

WorldPay does not own or hold information about the goods/services you have ordered or their delivery status, and cannot provide refunds or cancel your order for you.

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How does WorldPay & Host Like Toast work together?

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WorldPay Shopper Process

WorldPay Shopper Process

  1. A customer visits Host Like Toast and decides to subscribe to the service.
  2. The customer will then proceed through Host Like Toast’s checkout process. This generates a summary description of the purchase that is sent to WorldPay for payment processing. This submission is often referred to as the “purchase token”.
  3. The customer is redirected to WorldPay’s secure server where they are presented with a series of payment pages, enabling them to choose their payment method and enter their payment details.
  4. WorldPay records the shopper’s payment details against the details submitted in the purchase token, to produce a transaction.
  5. WorldPay forwards the transaction details to the customer’s card issuer for authentication. The issuer returns an authorised or declined response to WorldPay and a payment response page is then displayed to the shopper.
  6. If the transaction was successful, WorldPay will also send the shopper a confirmation email, confirming the transaction details.

How do recurring payments work?

WorldPay’s recurring payment service, FuturePay, enables our customers to make online subscriptions to our products.

Recurring payment agreements are created to debit your card on a regular or repeat basis to obtain payment for ongoing membership of Host Like Toast.

If you have set up a recurring payment agreement with Host Like Toast, you can use the WorldPay Shopper Management System to manage your agreement. The Shopper Management System is an online, password protected tool that enables you to view the payments you have already made or the next payment due on your agreement, change your username/password, update your card or contact details, or cancel your agreement.

If you have a query about a recurring payment agreement, please contact Host Like Toast directly or check the FAQ section to see if you’re answer has already been addressed.

About Payment and Order Confirmation

When you submit your payment details, the WorldPay payment service will request authorisation from your Card Issuer and carry out any fraud screening checks the online store may have set up.

Depending on the outcome of the authorisation request, you will see either a successful or a failed message on screen which will confirm the result of your transaction.

A successful payment will also be confirmed by email. This email will include the details of your purchase and your Transaction ID, which is a unique reference for your payment, and should be quoted on any correspondence with the online store. It will be sent by WorldPay to the email address you have provided when entering your payment details.

If your payment has been successful, Host Like Toast will be immediately notified and we will contact you to confirm your order.

Further Information

For further information regarding WorldPay, please feel free to visit their online shopper help section.