Buy: Automatic cPanel MySQL Database Backup Script

Automatically backup all your web hosting databases within your cPanel Hosting using the professional, MySQL database backup PHP script.

How do I buy the cPanel MySQL Database Backup Script?

To get immediate download access to this script, please use the buy button below.

Before purchasing this product, the following conditions need to be agreed upon:

  1. You completely agree to the Host Like Toast Developer Channel Terms and Conditions and understand that under any circumstances you may not hold Host Like Toast liable for any losses/damages related in any way whatsoever to use of this script.
  2. You have already joined the Developer Channel, downloaded the free cPanel database backup script and successfully performed a complete backup of a single domain. If you have not done this before purchasing this script, you are wholly responsible for any problems you experience with this backup script. If in doubt, test with the free script and contact us if you have problems then.
  3. You need this only if you have a cPanel hosting account with MySQL databases to backup.
  4. If you experience problems contact us and we will attempt to resolve them if it is an error with the script. If it is a problem with your environment, this is your responsibility – see point 2 above.

Check the box below to agree to the terms, and then click the ‘Add To Cart’ link to get immediate access to this script after purchasing through our secure WorldPay payment system.

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How much does the cPanel MySQL Database Program cost?

The package retails now for: £37 and there is no refund policy.

There are 3 reasons for this:

  • We know it works and performs the sole function as advertised.
  • Providing refunds for this product isn’t practical because once you have downloaded it, you can use it and share it wherever you want.
  • It is functionally based on the free cPanel backup script but with added extensions. A prerequisite to buying this script is the agreement that you’ve downloaded the free script and successfully backed-up a site on the server you intend to use this professional script on.

cPanel MySQL Database Backup Script Licensing Explained

The script is licensed under the open GPL licensing model. This means you are free to take this script and distribute it as you wish.

You can add to it, remove things from it, delete, print it and eat it, and anything else you can imagine. You can even give it away for free. This, while not illegal, is just not very nice.

We would prefer it that you would direct people here to purchase their own copy of the script… a lot of hard work has gone into making all these services.

Regardless of whatever you decide to do with it, you must retain the full header of the file outlining the original license details. You may not remove these notices and distribute it under your own name.

We trust this is fair.