Automatic cPanel MySQL Backup Script

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The cPanel MySQL Backup Script comes in 2 flavours – free and professional.

The free Automatic cPanel MySQL Backup Script lets you:

Automatic cPanel MySQL Backup Script (PHP) ( v2.0 )
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  • download a backup to your server of all your MySQL databases within a single cPanel hosting account
  • FTP/SFTP copy those backup files to a remote FTP server

The professional Automatic cPanel MySQL Backup Script lets you:

  • do all the same as the free version as well as …
  • automatically delete old backups from remote FTP servers. You can select how many days old you want to keep your backups for.
  • run in dummy/testing mode so you can test all your configuration settings before going live
  • get clear verbose logging so you can track your backups and see where it might be going wrong if your server has issues.

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How does the cPanel MySQL Database Backup Script work?

The steps necessary to getting this script to work are as follows:

  1. Download the package
  2. Open the following file in your favourite text editor: config.php
  3. (Pro version only) Make sure DUMMY_MODE setting is ‘YES’ for doing testing.
  4. Simply configure each option that is detailed in the file. There are full comments on how you should complete the file.
  5. Save the configuration file.
  6. Upload all the files from the package to a server or web space of your choice.
  7. Either execute the file: perform_cpanel_dbbackup.php at the command-line, or call it using a browser.
  8. Once you’re happy with the results, setup your CRON job and leave it to run. (Remember to change the Dummy mode back to ‘NO’)

The cPanel MySQL Database Backup Script is that easy!