Complete Website For Only £100 – How does it work?

How does a new website for £100 work?

The Short Answer…

Subscribe to 1 year Managed WordPress Hosting (either Tier 1 or Tier 2) and you qualify to receive a completely new website for £100.

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The Long Answer …

Cheap-Cheap Hosting is a fading trend

We know that people have limited cash and start-up/boot-strapping businesses have tight budgets.

And we want to help you.

There’s a growing realisation that super-cheap web hosting is actually more harmful to your bottom line.


Have you ever spent a day (or more!) fixing silly problems with your website and email because it just wont do what you need it to?

When you contact your hosting support, they respond with the answer that they don’t “support at the application/Wordpress level“. And why should they? You’re only paying them $3 a month!

If you put a dollar amount on how much your day is worth, you’ll find you could have paid for premium hosting 10x over… for the year!

Host Like Toast fills the gap between basic web hosting and a full time web technician

When you sign-up to Managed WordPress Hosting, we will do the heavy lifting for you:

  • We will install WordPress
  • We will install our favourite/essential plugins
  • We will install your desired theme for you.
  • We will take daily backups of your site so that they we can restore it at any time in the event that WordPress fails for whatever reason
  • When new releases of WordPress are released, we will do the upgrade for you and assist with any plugins that pose problems.

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So why do you need a website for £100?

Because there’s more to building a website than just installing WordPress.

Sure, WordPress is a huge help, bit isn’t magic.

  • You need content
  • You need pages added (we give you 6)
  • You need a blog page
  • You need a contact page and a contact form
  • You need a theme and a design.

The £100 covers the cost of the theme that we purchase on your behalf – we will install the theme for you, and tweak some design elements for you if you need it (at our discretion). With content that you supply, we will create the first 6 pages for you, including an About page, and a Contact page with a simple contact form.

If you need a completely custom designed website, this is not the solution for you.

This offer is only to assist you to get a high quality, fast, website up and running very quickly without cutting any corners.

How to get this £100 website offer?


Simply subscribe to 1 year of Managed WordPress Hosting to the value of £180, add this item to your shopping cart and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for?

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