Free Download: Remote FTP Backup for cPanel MySQL Databases

by Paul on September 26, 2012

Does your web hosting run on cPanel? Is that a silly question?

If the answer is yes, read on.  Otherwise, you can go and read another cool blog here.

You probably have MySQL databases on your web hosting and if you’ve any solid respect for technology, you back up your databases regularly.

There are many assumptions in the last sentence, but don’t worry, we’ve just made backing up all your cPanel MySQL databases a synch!

MySQL Database Backup script for cPanel web hosting v2.0

Last year we released this script (among others) for free download in the Developer Channel. It’s been a huge hit!

We received many requests about why you couldn’t FTP your database backups like you can with the Full cPanel Backup Script.

The answer was simple – all our scripts make full use of cPanel’s built-in API to ensure maximum performance and reliability. And unfortunately the MySQL feature didn’t have a built in FTP function.

So we decided to build it ourselves…

MySQL Backup for cPanel now supports remote FTP copy

With this brand new, completely rewritten script, you can now chose to FTP all your MySQL databases to an offsite FTP repository.

Features include:

  • Download all MySQL databases from a single cPanel account.
  • Store the files locally (where the script runs) or delete them after processing.
  • Active / Passive FTP copy
  • FTP / Secure FTPS
  • Fully logging so you know exactly what happens and can easily debug problems if they arise.

Best of all, it’s still completely FREE!

If you want it, you just have to go to the Developer Channel, sign-up to become a member and download!

FTP to Amazon S3?

Enough is rarely ever enough. The next question I anticipate is – “Can this script copy to Amazon S3?”.

That’s not like to happen but if you need it, you should consider FTP 2 Cloud.  FTP 2 Cloud is in beta at the moment but it works very well.

Instead of FTPing your backups to a remote repository, you setup your FTP2Cloud account and FTP there instead. Then, they will automatically copy your FTP files to your Amazon S3 account.

At the time of writing it’s free because it’s in beta. Give it a shot!

What are you waiting for? This page alone has links to at least 3 FREE fantastic resources!

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Do you need an automated CPanel web hosting backup script? There is that and more in the Developer Channel

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Kerry Ray June 9, 2013 at 10:03 pm

When you setup the script, you will have to specify the kind of backup that you need.


Israel N. Lawson July 18, 2013 at 5:37 pm

This shell script backs up any or all of your databases and emails and/or FTPs them over to you. You can send the backups to unlimited email addresses and to unlimited FTP servers. The script is very flexible, so give it a try! With cron, you can have this process automated, leaving you with regular backups, as well as a piece of mind.


Helene Hendricks July 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm

I think he’s asking a more basic question than that. You want mysqldump –all-databases. Check man mysqldump for options. Most likely you’ll need something like: mysqldump –all-databases | bzip2 -c > /backups/db.sql.bz2 This will generate SQL that can recreate your databases starting from scratch. To restore, you need to start with empty DBs, and run: bunzip2 -c /backsups/db.sql.bz2 | mysql To keep remote backups, as suggested, rsync /backsups/db.sql.bz2 remoteHost:/backups You may need to pass the proper parameters to be able to log in to MySQL.


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