Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 is released to public

by Paul on February 6, 2012

Twitter Logo Blue BirdRegular readers will know that we at Host Like Toast are huge fans of Twitter Bootstrap.

And there’s great news, version 2.0.0 of this website/web-application library has just been released.

What’s new with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0?

Here follows the main points you should take into consideration with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0:

  • New 12-column, responsive grid system (v1.x was 16-column)
  • New table styles with a common base class for improved compatibility with other tools
  • New form styles with smarter defaults, requiring less HTML
  • Icons, provided by Glyphicons
  • Smarter navigation components
  • New buttons, button groups, and button drop downs
  • Simpler alert messages
  • New Javascript plug-ins such as carousel, collapse, and typeahead – pretty awesome!

There’s heaps of things to get excited about with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0!

And with version 2.0 there’s new, top-notch documentation to go along with it, making it super easy for web designers and beginners to get started quickly.

The twitter bootstrap documentation can be found here:

Browse through the top-menu to learn about the main elements of the library and see the power you have available to you…

How to get Twitter Bootstrap on your website?

You can download the twitter bootstrap library from the page linked to above. With that, you simply link in the CSS and Javascript files to your website.

If you use WordPress, you will need to edit your theme files to include the various library files.


You can grab the free Host Like Toast Twitter Bootstrap CSS plugin (2000 downloads at the time of writing!)

We have written a WordPress plugin specifically for overcoming poorly written themes so as to easily include the Twitter Bootstrap CSS library at the absolute beginning of any website.

You can download the plugin directly from the repository and much of the documentation you can find on this site.

We have even included a collection of WordPress shortcodes so you can start using some of the Twitter Bootstrap features immediately.

What version of Twitter Bootstrap does the WordPress plugin support?

Currently, WordPress Bootstrap CSS plugin supports only Twitter Bootstrap 1.4.0 but we hope to release an update in the next few days to support the full range of Javascript libraries now made available with version 2.0.

If you would like to be made aware of when we release the update, please feel free to sign up to the Developer Channel using the form below and we’ll release further information there.

Use the form below to join our Developer Channel

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