Master Twitter Bootstrap using WordPress Shortcodes, Part 3: Blockquotes

by Paul on December 5, 2011

Next up on our Twitter Bootstrap shortcodes for WordPress are the Twitter “blockquotes”.

Your theme probably already has styling for the HTML blockquote element, and if so, this isn’t a problem.

Using the shortcode for the Twitter Blockquote will only add to the styling you have available.

This article will explain how the blockquote shortcode works…

Twitter Bootstrap Blockquotes with Source Citation

The following shortcode is used to call upon the Twitter Blockquote element:


Here is an example of how you can get Blockquote working:

[TBS_BLOCKQUOTE source="A Famous Person"]I said something important[/TBS_BLOCKQUOTE]

will produce the following:

I said something important

A Famous Person

If your theme already has some styling applied to the blockquote html element, then it will look slightly different (or terrible?) but using this shortcode will also add the ability to cite a source using the source parameter.

Very handy.

Optional Parameters for the Twitter Bootstrap Blockquote Shortcode

As will nearly all our shortcodes for the Twitter Bootstrap elements you can add the following 3 parameters:

  • class="class1 class2"
  • id="mySpecialLabelID"
  • style="CSS:value"

…thus allowing you to fully customize your Bootstrap elements.

Give it a go… download the WordPress Bootstrap CSS plugin today and start adding some style to your WordPress site.

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