WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS Plugin Updated

by Paul on November 5, 2011

Yesterday Twitter Bootstrap was updated to version 1.4.0.

So today, we updated the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin to reflect these changes.

Actually since the last time we wrote on the blog about this plugin, it’s gone through a couple of iterations and the WordPress plugin version number is now 0.6.

What does the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS plugin do?

‘WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS’ allows you to add the Twitter Bootstrap to your site without altering any of your theme’s code.

It’s really quite nifty and works on all Wordpress themes.

Here are the key advantages of this plugin:

  • It links the latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS (minified) to the absolute beginning of your website – no other CSS files are links before it.
  • You can choose to either serve the files from the server that hosts your WordPress site, or directly from Github where Twitter is hosting the source files.
  • You can now also link the Twitter Bootstrap Javascript libraries – all of them, or individually.
  • You can choose your own custom CSS reset/bootstrap file to add to the absolute beginning of the <HEAD> section of your site.

Coming Soon…

We’re hoping that in a near-future release we will include a LESS compiler so you can quickly customize your own Twitter Bootstrap.

This is ultimately the goal of the plugin, and once we’ve done so, we will consider the plugin complete.

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see included in the plugin, feel free contact us.

You can see more details of the plugin, including screenshots on the WordPress.org repository. If you already have it, check your WordPress sites for automatic updates.

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