Advantages of Google Apps Cloud Services, Part 2: Utility Computing

by Paul on November 19, 2011

In a previous article, I outlined one of the biggest advantages that cloud computing offers business of all sizes – cost reduction.

Related to the savings in cost, another advantage of the cloud computing model is the principle of Utility Computing.

Read on to discover the huge advantage of paying only for that which you use!

Utility Computing: Pay only for what you need, when you need it

Costs relating to IT in a business are unique.

Typically you make 1~3 year estimate and assign funds accordingly.

Then you procure the hardware, the software licenses, the networking infrastructure and have it installed.

The cost of this venture, even for small businesses, is in the region of many thousands of pounds.

But this isn’t the same with rental fees, electricity bills, and salaries etc.

Sure, we need to budget for them, but we don’t allocate the funds for 3 years upfront, rather we meet the costs on quarterly or monthly basis.

When, for example, your staff count increases or decreases, you just rent more/less office space accordingly. The utility bills will also adjust depending on how much you use them.

With traditional IT systems, however, you’re stuck with whatever you have invested for the following 3 years.

You can’t realistically downsize, and to up-size is another huge cost you must endure, that may not have been budgeted for.

Cloud Computing, like Cloud Hosting, presents the perfect solution – Utility Computing.

Google Apps provides the ultimate choice in IT services flexibility

If your IT platform is founded on a traditional in-house system, and you need to add another user, for example, this requires allocating a portion of your ever-decreasing IT capacity.

With Google Apps however, you simply subscribe to one more user account with:

  • no degradation in performance
  • no reduction in storage or computing capacity
  • no costly server-side configurations
  • no address-book updating/synchronizing issues

Your IT systems seamlessly adapt when you have an unexpected growth spurt or an unfortunate downsizing.

The costs scale directly with your business needs at any time. Whatever you use, you pay for. When you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.


Gone are the days where you must accurately guesstimate your requirements and budgets for years to come. The IT world changes far too quickly now for these to be relevant even 6 months down the line.

Host Like Toast can help you move to the Cloud

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