Advantages of Google Apps Cloud Services, Part 1: Cost Savings

by Paul on November 17, 2011

Google Apps CircleHere at Host Like Toast, we rave about Google Apps.

We believe in using top quality services from the likes of Google to handle roles that aren’t best suited to the web hosting platform.

Email is one such role.

Below I discuss just one of the merits of Google Apps as a cloud computing service: cost, more specifically, cost reduction.

Google Apps is a top-tier cloud computing service

Cloud Computing is to businesses of the 21st Century, what the explosion of the Internet was to everyone else in the 20th Century.

Cloud computing is not a phase or fad that will come and go – it’s the future of your IT department.

If you don’t have an IT department yet or think youcan’t afford one, then Google Apps could be your solution.

Google Apps and other cloud services cannot replace your desktop computer applications – at least not yet – but it can replace your dependence on cranky, unreliable systems with the assurance that wherever you are, your business is online, you’re connected, and your data is secure.

Significantly reduced hardware costs

If you’ve ever implemented an in-house server infrastructure, you’ll know the upfront costs for such a project are huge.

For a single server purchase, the cost could be upwards of £4,500. This is before you pay for the technical expertise needed for installation and configuration – easily another £2,000.

A server will probably live out its best days within the first 3~4 years. As your business grows, your computing capacity must also grow with it. You will incur further hardware and installation costs with each new server required to accommodate the increase.

These figures are scalable based on the numbers of employees you have and their technical requirements. Further, the maintenance and support costs for internal server-based computing will of course add a further financial burden.

Compare this to Google Apps: after a relatively tiny initial setup cost, and for say, 5 users over a 3 year period, you would pay in the region of £600! That’s a saving of over 87% on installation costs alone.

This doesn’t even address the costs of server software licensing and the cost per-user of the software.

To start up a business on a traditional IT platform is vastly more complex and expensive than taking the cheaper, but no-less reliable and secure, cloud computing approach.

Cloud computing lowers the barrier of entry

With Google Apps and other cloud computing services, the self-employed and small/medium size enterprises now have the opportunity to take advantage of top-class IT systems without the mammoth costs.

If you represent the interests for the IT systems of a small-medium business, or you’ve had enough of your current setup, looking at the options available through cloud computing services is good for your financial bottom line.

Host Like Toast can help you move to the Cloud

For all new Managed WordPress Hosting for Business accounts, we automatically set you up with a Google Apps Standard account for free.

Alternatively, we can perform a one-time setup for new domains for only £75. Migrations to Google Apps can be complex, but we have a lot of experience and are happy to discuss with you your options if you decide to make the switch.

Click the following link for further information on Google Apps.

To find out more about what Host Like Toast can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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