WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Plugin updated for latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS (v1.3.0)

by Paul on September 26, 2011

A few days ago we updated our WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin to version 0.2.

This was so that users could take advantage of the latest Twitter Bootstap CSS version (currently 1.3.0).

If you haven’t yet downloaded the plugin, you can do so from the WordPress plugin repository here.

What does the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin actually do?

Simply put, this plugin injects the necessary code into the head of your WordPress website that adds the Twitter Bootstrap CSS to your site.

The beauty of this solution is that no matter which WordPress theme you’re using, this plugin will put the Twitter Bootstrap CSS first, before anything else!

We use the Thesis theme for basically all our sites, and our clients sites, because it does so many things right. But in this case however, it fell down in the way the developer coded the header of the theme – there was absolutely no way to put our the Twitter Bootstrap CSS first without editing his code.

Until now – this plugin solves this problem while also solving it for all possible WordPress theme implementations.

Go grab it now!

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Stephen Clark November 19, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Hi – I think there is a bug in the Bootstrap Wordpress plug in. When I installed the Bootstrap plug-in on my Wordpress install, it also included/linked to the Bootstrap style sheet on the Wordpress Log In page and that is not playing well with the Wordpress CSS and log in page layout. I have done nothing unique to my Wordpress install and when I disable Bootstrap plug-in, the WP Log In page looks fine. I have other decidedly non tech savvy writers using this Wordpress install and i am sure they will be confused because of this. Could someone fix this please?



Paul November 21, 2011 at 2:05 am

Hey Stephen,

You’re right, this is a problem with the plugin – we’ve been aware of it for a while but no-one brought it up so we didn’t prioritize it.

We know how to solve it, so I hope to have a new release of it perhaps sometime this week.

I’ll reply back here when the Wordpress plugin is updated.

Hope otherwise, you’re getting the most out of it!
Thanks for the feedback,


Stephen Clark November 21, 2011 at 5:07 am

Hi Paul: Thanks so much for the reply and for looking into this. The plug in is working like a charm otherwise! Very useful and easy to work with. Thanks for looking into this item!

– Stephen


Paul November 21, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Hey Stephen,

Okay, I’ve updated to version 0.7 with a quick fix that removes all additions of the Bootstrap plugin on the register and login.php pages.

In a future version we’ll probably change it so you can select particular pages to exclude, but for now, since they’re broken, login and register are explicitly excluded.

Hope that helps!


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