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by Paul on August 15, 2011

If you’re regularly installing WordPress websites for either yourself or your clients, you’ll know it can be a bit tedious sometimes setting it all up.

Host Like Toast have released our all-new Instant WordPress Install tool. have the famous 5 minute installation – now you can install WordPress in under 1 minute.

What are the requirements to install WordPress in under 1 minute?

Currently the WP Toast: Instant WordPress Install Tool only supports CPanel web hosting. We’ll be adding FTP options soon, and also other control panels.

And that’s it. WP Toast will work out everything else and if there’s is space in your web hosting, and you have extra room for another MySQL database, installation will proceed.

How does the instant WordPress installer work?

If you have your CPanel login details and your domain name, WP Toast will attempt to connect to your site and will perform the following operations:

  1. Automatically create a new database to host the new WordPress site
  2. Download the latest WordPress installation package from
  3. After asking you for the administrative username, password and email details, it will create a new WordPress installation in the folder you desire.


The Instant WordPress Install tool is free

We wanted to make this tool freely available to all without restriction.

It forms a foundational role in our new WordPress Management Control Panel that is in private beta development.

There are great things for WordPress management right around corner, so we advise you to stay tuned and of course, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us either on our Host Like Toast site, or on WP

What are you waiting for?

Install WordPress in an Instant

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